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There are dozens of effective weight loss drugs on today’s pharmaceutical market and Adipex is one of them. This drug has been used for treatment of obesity for over 30 years. It made a good showing in both the USA and European countries.

  • Adipex tablets were approved by the FDA for obesity treatment in October 1980.
  • Adipex capsules were approved by the FDA for obesity treatment in August 1983.

Adipex tablets and capsules contain one active ingredient – Phentermine Hydrochloride. The dosage of active ingredient in one Adipex capsule and tablet is 37.5mg. Teva is the manufacturer and the distributor of Adipex 37.5 mg capsules and tablets.

If you want to buy Adipex tablets and capsules, but they are not available in the region you live, then you are free to order Adipex weight loss drug online. Before purchasing Adipex online, you should read key information about this drug.

Mechanism of Action

Each Adipex tablet and capsule contains the active substance Phentermine (as Hydrochloride). This active substance provides anorexigenic activity. Acting on some parts of the central nervous system, Phentermine causes a powerful and prolonged anorexigenic effect.

  • Person stops feeling hungry in an hour after he took a dose of Adipex 37.5mg.
  • Maximum level of anorexigenic activity is reached in 3-4 hours after applying a dose of Adipex 37.5mg.
  • Just one Adipex 37.5mg tablet or capsule, taken in the morning, eliminates hunger cravings for the rest of the day.

Indications for Use

  • In the absence of complications or related risk factors, Adipex drug is only prescribed if the BMI equals 30 or more.
  • If a person was diagnosed diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome or any other risk factors, Adipex drug is prescribed with the BMI 27 or higher.

Children under the age 16, pregnant women and nursing mothers have not been involved in Adipex clinical studies. Elderly patients should take Adipex drug only under a constant supervision of a doctor.

Contraindications for Use

Adipex drug is contraindicated for overweight people with hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, history of depression, alcohol and (or) drug addiction.

In addition, Adipex tablets and capsules must never be prescribed to people with diagnosed allergy to sympathomimetic amines (e.g. Phentermine), as well as people taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO inhibitors).

Efficiency and Safety

The results of three main clinical trials have demonstrated that benefit from using Adipex (Phentermine) drug surpasses the potentials risks. Having examined the clinical trials results, the FDA confirmed high efficiency of Adipex and approved this drug for the treatment of obesity in adults and teenagers over 16 years old.

Postmarketing studies prove that Adipex reduces the body weight within just a few months. Still, keep in mind that Adipex can cause severe side effects and there are dozens of contraindications for use of this drug.

Side Effects

  • Common.

Most often, Adipex capsules and tablets cause dry mouth, dizziness, tachycardia, constipation and skin rash. These adverse reactions are mild and do not require to terminate the drug anti-obesity therapy.

  • Dangerous.

You must stop using Adipex drug after noticing symptoms of severe cardiovascular diseases. The first symptoms of Adipex cardiovascular side effects are: dyspnea, labored breathing, chest pain, physical weakness and leg edema.

Recommended Dose Regimen

Adipex capsules and tablets are taken by mouth before or 60-120 minutes after the breakfast. Adipex drug can cause trouble falling asleep, insomnia and other sleep problems, so it is not recommended to use this drug in the afternoon.

  • Minimal daily dose is Adipex 18.75mg.
  • Maximal daily dose is Adipex 37.5mg.

The daily dose of Adipex 37.5 mg should be taken once or divided into two intakes. If you take the maximum Adipex daily dose at once, then you can take the next dose at least 24 hours after that.

  • You must not open or break Adipex 37.5mg capsules; therefore, it is taken only once a day.
  • Adipex 37.5mg tablet is easily divided into 2 equal parts (18.75mg), so it is easy to divide a tablet into two intakes.

Adipex Generic Drugs

Adipex is not the only one drug, which contains the anorexigenic agent Phentermine. Dozens of pharmaceutical companies produce analogues (generic drugs) of Adipex and sell them under various trade names.

Drug containing Phentermine is sold:

  • In the UK – under Ionamin trade name
  • In Australia – under Duromine and Metermine trade names
  • In some EU countries – under Adipex Retard trade name
  • In the USA – under Phentermine Hydrochloride nonproprietary name.

If you are taking Adipex tablets or capsules, but they are expensive in your town, ask your doctor to prescribe you Adipex generic. If cheap Adipex generic drugs are not available in your country, you can order them online in any other country. Prior to buy Adipex generic online, learn the delivery and payment terms.

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